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Composite Guitar Cases

Not being a musician, I had not been familiar with instrument cases, specifically for guitars. Many of them are made of composite materials, both fiberglass and carbon fiber. The advantages of composites align well with...

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Making a Small Mold

There are many methods and materials that can be used for making a fiberglass composite mold. I found a video from Eastbay Composites that demonstrates a method for making small molds in a very quick and inexpensive fashion....

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Panel Stiffness

Composites structures have requirements for stiffness to provide support and stability. Tests can be completed to identify the stiffness of a given area on a composites structure, i.e. how much it will bend for a given force....

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Making Holes

If you are working with fiberglass parts, you may need to attach other parts, pieces, and features mechanically with fasteners.  Bolts and rivets are the most common mechanical fasteners used to accomplish this. Composites with...

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Necky Composites

A very basic and well-done video is from Necky Composites. It demonstrates the toughness of epoxy laminates when he starts the video by beating the kayak with a hammer.  He also does a good job of discussing the construction...

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Wind Blades

The new composites application that everybody is discussing is composites wind blades. The large, three-bladed wind generators have been around for a few decades, mostly in Europe. The U.S. has been catching on in the last...

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Removable Blazer Roof

One of the original composites applications in the automotive industry was removable roofs on Chevrolet/GMC K10 Blazers in the 68-72 years, which continued on the Blazers until about 1991.  The one-piece composite roofs were...

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