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Shaping the Model

Now that the layers of foam are joined by epoxy (and cured), it is time to work on proper shaping. The model has a lot of square corners that require shaping. The extra foam will need to be removed to create the shape. A Sawzall...

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M1911: Foam and Epoxy

Project M1911 gets its shape from the polystyrene foam that was cut previously.  An ABS plastic pipe will run through the center of this foam to serve a few purposes: Add rigidity and strength to the structure Provide the barrel...

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Moldless Car Body

Building a custom car body with fiberglass can be achieved without using a mold! This will be a truly custom, unique vehicle. It will take planning and hands-on work, but is very possible as shown in these YouTube videos. There...

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GE Building Michigan R&D Center

General Electric recently announced plans to build a new R&D Center in Michigan, near Detroit.  While portions o the Center will house Software Engineers, much of it will relate to advanced composites for renewable energy,...

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Gelcoat Spraying for Repair

Gelcoating a repair area is challenging, but can be accomplished. It requires the proper equipment and materials along with some good techniques in order to achieve a nice finish. Do-overs are possible if the results are not as...

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Pultrusion Processing

Pultrusion is a continuous process similar to steel or plastic extrusion for creating products with a constant cross section. Examples of these products are rod stock, structural shapes, beams, channels, pipe, tubing, fishing...

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Curing and Shrinkage

A very important aspect of thermoset resins is their cure cycle. Unsaturated polyester and vinylester, along with epoxy, require time and temperature in order to achieve what we call “Crosslinking.” This is the the...

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Trimming composite parts

I read an article on waterjet cutting of laminates recently, which demonstrated several advantages of using computer-controlled equipment for trimming and adding features to composites structures. Robotic-guided CNC routers have...

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Plastic Skin

One of the other synergies of FRP composites is its use as a reinforcement behind thermoplastic decorative skin layers. A thermoformed ABS or ABS blend plastic is made as the surface of the part. Then it can be reinforced on the...

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