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Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines

The whole renewable energy craze has spawned lots of development with wind energy. Many windmills are popping up in the horizontal-axis orientation, much like the traditional Dutch windmills of old. The technology has been...

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Composite Guitar Cases

Not being a musician, I had not been familiar with instrument cases, specifically for guitars. Many of them are made of composite materials, both fiberglass and carbon fiber. The advantages of composites align well with...

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Non-Destructive Testing with Ultrasound

Composite materials can become damaged in many different ways. There can also be flaws in the original manufacturing process. Many times it is necessary to identify any damaged areas within the composites layers that cannot be...

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Chrome Plated Fiberglass

Fiberglass Composite materials can be coated to show many different finished effects.  I ran across a Youtube video demonstrating a spray on chrome process with a fiberglass molded piece. It is interesting to see the change in...

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Composites in the Military

The military has been using composite materials for decades. Mostly applied to the aerospace segment, composites are now finding more uses to the traditional armed forces. One of the uses for military ground forces is in the...

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Role of Gelcoat

Gelcoat is the decorative surface found on fiberglass parts such as boats, bathtubs, and restaurant seats. This outer layer is needed for aesthetics and protection of the underlying laminate structure. Chemically it is...

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