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Making Holes

If you are working with fiberglass parts, you may need to attach other parts, pieces, and features mechanically with fasteners.  Bolts and rivets are the most common mechanical fasteners used to accomplish this. Composites with...

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Fiberglass Fertilizer Box

Composites’ resistance to rust and harsh chemicals along with the ability to form complex one-piece shapes allows for its use as a fertilizer box on an old corn planter. This piece was removed from the original...

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Hood Repair–Driver’s Fender Corner

One of my recent projects was the repair of a large SMC fiberglass truck hood.  It required several areas of repair, one of them including an outside wheel opening on the driver”s side of the hood.  This area had a couple...

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Composite Utility Poles

Composite Utility Poles have been under development for a number of years.  Replacing the existing wooden poles with fiberglass composites have many long-term advantages and yet have many obstacles to implementation.  These...

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Curing Mechanisms

Temperature plays an important role in the curing process of the resins used in composites. Many of the resins are setup for room-temperature curing. This requires that the ambient room temperature is ideally set between 65 and...

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