Category: machining

Shaping the Model

Now that the layers of foam are joined by epoxy (and cured), it is time to work on proper shaping. The model has a lot of square corners that require shaping. The extra foam will need to be removed to create the shape. A Sawzall...

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Start of Model M1911

My ambition was to build a Model M1911 in an 8X scale out of fiberglass.  The first task was to scale the model for proper dimensions.  Typical physical dimensions were found online, reproduced in CAD, and scaled up to the size...

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Machining Composites

Machining of composite materials can be a tricky undertaking.  Delamination of the reinforcement in the composite material is one of the biggest problem. There are several steps that can be taken.  Specially-designed drills and...

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