Category: Gelcoat

Fiberglass Pool Refinishing

Swimming pools made of fiberglass have several advantages over other types of materials.  Cost, durability, and ease of cleaning are some of these advantages. Swimming pools are a very harsh environment for any material.  The...

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How to restore gel coat on a boat

Gelcoat surfaces on boats become chalky due to sun and heat over time.  This can be repaired. The chalky surface can be removed through sanding and buffing, revealing a fresh layer of gelcoat surface below. These materials are...

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Cleaning Your Boat’s Gelcoat Made Easy

A great tip from Outlaw Angling on Youtube demonstrates a very inexpensive and easy way to clean the gelcoat on your boat. Inexpensive toilet bowl cleaner is intended to clean hard water, rust, and buildup.  Similar conditions...

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