It is always tempting to use materials for purposes not as intended. Epoxy resin was not intended to be thinned with acetone. However, thinned epoxy offers several advantages: fewer bubbles, easier to spread, and a lower viscosity will allow the epoxy to soak into wood.

Youtube user The Snekker Show was good enough to document a comparison between straight epoxy resin and epoxy resin thinned with acetone. Great job on this video! Please visit the channel and like and subscribe.

I don’t normally thin epoxy unless I’m injecting it with a syringe or really need it to soak in to a porous material, but I never did a side by side comparison of thinned vs. un-thinned epoxy. This test answered some of my own questions, and hopefully some of yours as well.

per video description

His followup comment to the video is: “After another week the thinned epoxy was significantly harder, so it will cure eventually.”