Have you ever had a fiberglass part that had holes that were either too large or in the wrong location?

This can be remedied. Resin, fiberglass and filler can be paired with good workmanship to move the holes to the right location and at the correct size

Like most repairs, it is good to start with a grinder, removing paint, gelcoat, and surface contamination.

Grinding and sanding the area will create a bondable surface for adhesion of the new resin.

In my situation I had to make the headlight holes smaller, and move the radiator hole in this tractor hood.

I decided that the best method would be to fill the holes back to closed so I could make new ones in the correct size and location.

I laminated a small sheet of fiberglass and cut out 3 circles that would fit in the holes.

After screwing on wood blocks to the existing hood, I screwed on the 3 circles.

Holes prepped to be closed in.

I then laminated the three circles from the backside of the hood.

Fiberglass circles are secured and glassed in

Once the resin was cured, I removed the screws and wood. The area was sanded to allow for adhesion of another layer of resin and fiberglass.

Cured epoxy and fiberglass is sanded for another layer.

Gaps were filled with tape to keep resin from flowing through to the other side.

Headlight area has been sanded and coated with fresh epoxy.

After coating the area with pure resin, thickened epoxy was flowed into the areas to create a level surface.

The headlight buckets are immediately filled with thickened epoxy. The epoxy still has flow characteristics to gravity fill and level the surface.

Tape was removed and the area was sanded and bodyworked. The new headlight holes will be added after the other bodywork is completed.

New hole is added to area where old hole was located.
Thickened epoxy filler smooths the edges

The cosmetic portion of the repair commenced with a pour of thickened epoxy.

The thickened epoxy filler is sanded and bodyworked to be smooth.

The surface was bodyworked until smooth and then primered and painted.