Following the repairs to the inside and outside of the Arctic Cat Snowmobile hood, it is time to provide the finishing touches to complete the project.

There were a couple of edges where the new fiberglass repair had been hanging over.  These need to be ground back to recreate the clean edge.

Grinder and edges to be smoothed and straightened.

The next step is to sand off the inside of the repair areas.  The epoxy leaves a shiny surface.  Sanding it down will allow it to create a better bond with the following process.

The inside of the repair after sanding with 40 grit sandpaper. This creates a bondable surface.

Now the inside of the repair can be painted.  This paint is optional, but it does wonders to hide the repair.  The prior failed repair was not painted over, and it was very obvious that there had been a repair.  The paint in question was flat black spray paint from a rattle can.  A layer of primer prior to the paint would have been a better solution, but this is only the bottom side of the hood.

Flat-black paint hides the backside repair of the fiberglass snowmobile hood.

The bottom side is completed, and now the top side can be finished.  The surface has been filled, sanded, and smoothed.  Now it can be painted.

Rattle-can applied sandable primer is sprayed onto the repair area.

The original hood was all gelcoated, and a proper repair would have been black gelcoat.  However, the hood is 45 years old, and there were several other cracks and blems surrounding the repair area.  A proper job would have included more work than the snowmobile was worth.

Gloss Black spraypaint is applied to the repair area. It blends in fairly well to the surrounding area and looks much better than prior to this repair process.

The last step was a coat of black paint.  The primer and paint were both from rattle cans.  The paint came out smooth, and blended into the surrounding gelcoat.  It is much better than before, and the repair area looks good.  The problem was that there are several other areas of the hood where the gelcoat was cracked and could use some repair.  Again, more work than the entire snowmobile is worth.  My luck is that this snowmobile hood will get damaged again anyway.  These repairs should only fail from impact, not bad workmanship or materials.