Aptera Motors, a California company that was working on a revolutionary electric car is officially out of business.  As reported at The Blaze, some videos recently came out that show employees destroying the composite bodies.

The headline reads:

Employees of Failed Electric Car Manufacturer Caught Destroying Car Frames…With Forklifts

The story describes how the company had hoped to revolutionize transportation with an electric car that was extremely efficient with its’ energy usage.  Part of this included the use of lightweight construction materials to decrease the mass of the vehicle while allowing for maximum aerodynamics.

Edmunds did a report on the Aptera that is copyrighted 2009

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The videos showing the destruction of the car bodies was posted by Youtube user KarenRei.

The bodies look weak in the video, but I am sure that fully-assembled vehicles were designed to have the doors  strengthen the passenger areas for crash protection.

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