Fiberglass materials allow for custom shapes and features.  A very popular Do It Yourself project is custom speaker boxes for automobiles.

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To accomplish this, it is important to begin with a solid foundation material.  Very often this is wood, which allows for screwing and stapling.  Next, the speaker mounts need to be properly attached.  Orientation of the mounting surface is established for the speaker that will be used in the finished installation.

Fleece fabric material is one method that is used to span the surfaces and transition across the different areas.  This material allows for smooth transition, holds staples, is easy to work with, and is inexpensive.  Once it is in place it can be covered with resin and fiberglass to establish a solid surface.  This can be sanded smooth and painted for full effect.

WestCoastCustomsTV demonstrates how the fleece is applied in the video below:

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