Fiberglass swimming pools have several advantages as compared to other types, such as concrete in-ground pools, vinyl-lined pools, and above-ground pools.

-They can be built off-site in a controlled environment.

-They are lightweight for transport and lifting into place.

-They have a durable and usually have a one-piece design.

-The material allows for design freedoms that are more difficult with other materials.

The many advantages of fiberglass swimming pools in residential use are numerous.  They do have disadvantages as well, just like other materials.  The outdoor environment can be very tough on any fiberglass structure.  Proper cleaning and maintenance is very important to keep an appropriate appearance together.

Fiberglass pools can be easily delivered on-site with medium-duty shipping equipment and lifted in place with a crane.  I found a great Youtube video demonstrating a lift over a large two-story house.  The pool easily goes into place, ready for surrounding landscaping.