Building a custom car body with fiberglass can be achieved without using a mold! This will be a truly custom, unique vehicle. It will take planning and hands-on work, but is very possible as shown in these YouTube videos.

There are several ways to go about building a structure to use for the basic shape. This video gave lots of good ideas and examples of materials that are relatively inexpensive.

The second part of the video shows some of the actual fiberglass work. This video of less than eight minutes does not nearly do justice to the amount of work and effort that went into finishing this project!

It was great that the author documented his work and shared with all. This was a major project that is not for the faint of heart.

He does a very good job explaining the process and materials used in this construction. Every project is unique, however. When discussing the thickness of the fiberglass skin, there are many variables that determine the finished strength. The number of layers to use is dependent on the amount of underlying support structures, part geometry, and required load bearing capacity of the structure. Some areas may need to be stronger for impact resistance and structural loads.

The video author discusses only using epoxy resin with Styrofoam as opposed to polyester resin which will react with the Styrofoam. Polyester resin can be used if separated from the Styrofoam with an additional layer. While I have only seen it advertised, there are new spray on primer materials available to cover the Styrofoam and allow polyester resins to be utilized afterward.