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Compression Molding Large Vehicle Parts

Compression molding with composite resins can yield very durable, strong, and well-engineered parts. Placing reinforcements (usually fibered glass) and resin in a heated metal mold before compressing it under high temperatures...

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Auto Racing Composites

Roush Racing takes us viewers on a tour through their composites shop in a short clip from Roush TV. Using mostly carbon fiber and kevlar reinforcements, Roush Racing fabricates many different components for the racing industry...

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Composites Outlook

Anybody in the composites industry will tell you that things changed drastically.  Market Analyst Lucintel recently completed a report titled “Global Composites Market 2009-2014: Opportunities, Market and Technologies.”  This...

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Polypropylene Fiber Reinforcement

One of the press releases I recently came across discussed the commercial release of Polypropylene fiber for use as a reinforcement in composites. The one I saw is sold under the trade name Innegra S Fiber by Innegrity LLC....

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Cutting Layup Reinforcement

When working with reinforcements in the form of a woven mat, cutting is necessary to allow for proper orientation, workability, and strength. The most common way to cut these mats is with industrial scissors. Other methods...

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Publicly Traded Composite Suppliers

Today I am going to discuss some of the companies involved with supplying the raw materials to the industry. There are literally thousands of companies involved and for this post I am only going to highlight some of the publicly...

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Fiberglass Reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement materials are a pretty complicated subject and hopefully we can keep it clear. There has been all sorts of nomenclature developed over the years to describe the different weights and styles. When we talk...

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The Importance of Testing

The testing of properties for Composites laminates and structures can be tricky. Much of this is due to the complex base of ingredients and makeup of the laminate. When we are putting together a combination of resins,...

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Vacuum Infusion Processing

Resin infusion processing offers several advantages over traditional open mold processing techniques. All of the reinforcements and core materials are placed in the mold without resin, so care can be taken for close fit and...

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