Tag: Visual Representation

Adding Foam

Building a model from epoxy and Styrofoam allows for the addition of more styrofoam as needed for further detail.  As the outside layer or “shell” has been getting laminated, it has become necessary to add more foam...

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Facts about Styrene Exposure

Styrene, a chemical used in the manufacture of composite parts made of polyester and vinylester, has been getting a bad name as of late. There has been much debate as to how carcinogenic this chemical is to humans. From the...

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Publicly Traded Composite Suppliers

Today I am going to discuss some of the companies involved with supplying the raw materials to the industry. There are literally thousands of companies involved and for this post I am only going to highlight some of the publicly...

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Composites Overview

Composites processes are generally low cost with regards to tooling and equipment costs, depending upon what process is used for comparison. The flip side is that the processes are labor intensive and the quality is operator...

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