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Model 1911 Details

Continuing the work on Model M1911, it is time to get the final details fiberglassed into place. There are some minor things that need to be detailed prior to surfacing the fiberglass with filler. Details around the trigger...

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Alignment Marks

Applying the wet-out fiberglass layers can be a messy experience.  Sometimes these wetout layers are pre-cut and need to be applied in a specific orientation to fit properly. The following is part of the process used during the...

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M1911: Foam and Epoxy

Project M1911 gets its shape from the polystyrene foam that was cut previously.  An ABS plastic pipe will run through the center of this foam to serve a few purposes: Add rigidity and strength to the structure Provide the barrel...

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Wind Blades

The new composites application that everybody is discussing is composites wind blades. The large, three-bladed wind generators have been around for a few decades, mostly in Europe. The U.S. has been catching on in the last...

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Subcontracting Boat Repair

Repairs to boats can be difficult to perform yourself. There are many considerations that must be made when performing fiberglass repair on boat hulls and decks. Structural integrity must be returned to the laminate to prevent...

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Grinding Tools

During my recent International Delivery truck hood project, I did some grinding on the composite SMC truck hood prior to performing extensive repairs. It is important during any composite repair exercise to have good surface...

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Hood Repair– A big hole!

My IH SMC truck hood project involved repairing a large hole.  This was one of my largest hurdles to the whole project.  This is what I initially saw. The picture is showing the hood upside-down on a work table.  The hole is the...

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Hood Repair–Driver’s Fender Corner

One of my recent projects was the repair of a large SMC fiberglass truck hood.  It required several areas of repair, one of them including an outside wheel opening on the driver”s side of the hood.  This area had a couple...

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Curing and Shrinkage

A very important aspect of thermoset resins is their cure cycle. Unsaturated polyester and vinylester, along with epoxy, require time and temperature in order to achieve what we call “Crosslinking.” This is the the...

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