Tag: Reinforcements

Adding Foam

Building a model from epoxy and Styrofoam allows for the addition of more styrofoam as needed for further detail.  As the outside layer or “shell” has been getting laminated, it has become necessary to add more foam...

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M1911: Foam and Epoxy

Project M1911 gets its shape from the polystyrene foam that was cut previously.  An ABS plastic pipe will run through the center of this foam to serve a few purposes: Add rigidity and strength to the structure Provide the barrel...

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Infusion-Test Panel and Fuselage

Ran across an interesting Youtube video demonstrating an epoxy resin infusion process on some test panels and fuselage.  It is interesting how everybody has their own terminology and technique for resin infusion.  There is...

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NASA Composite Crew Module

NASA, the space agency for the U.S. government, has investigated the use of advanced composites for use in future vehicle programs.  The Composite Crew Module (CCM) has been designed and built as a travel vehicle for astronauts...

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Moldless Car Body

Building a custom car body with fiberglass can be achieved without using a mold! This will be a truly custom, unique vehicle. It will take planning and hands-on work, but is very possible as shown in these YouTube videos. There...

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Boeing’s 787

Boeing’s 787 will be the first composites-intensive commercial airliner. Traditionally made from aluminum, carbon fiber composites will work to create a plane that is stronger and lighter with fewer manufactured parts....

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Hood Repair– A big hole!

My IH SMC truck hood project involved repairing a large hole.  This was one of my largest hurdles to the whole project.  This is what I initially saw. The picture is showing the hood upside-down on a work table.  The hole is the...

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Working with Chopped Strand Mat

One of my projects is repairing a composite hood for a large International Medium-Duty truck.  This hood is made of SMC, and is damaged in various locations to various degrees.  In doing the repairs, I am using epoxy resin and...

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