Tag: Precision Applications

Machining Composites

Much like other materials can be machined, so can composites.  Everything from basic fiberglass fabrications to advanced composites materials can be machined to add details and features. This can be accomplished using hand-held...

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Fiberglass Pool Installation

Fiberglass swimming pools have several advantages as compared to other types, such as concrete in-ground pools, vinyl-lined pools, and above-ground pools. -They can be built off-site in a controlled environment. -They are...

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Non-Destructive Testing with Ultrasound

Composite materials can become damaged in many different ways. There can also be flaws in the original manufacturing process. Many times it is necessary to identify any damaged areas within the composites layers that cannot be...

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Chrome Plated Fiberglass

Fiberglass Composite materials can be coated to show many different finished effects.  I ran across a Youtube video demonstrating a spray on chrome process with a fiberglass molded piece. It is interesting to see the change in...

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Infusion-Test Panel and Fuselage

Ran across an interesting Youtube video demonstrating an epoxy resin infusion process on some test panels and fuselage.  It is interesting how everybody has their own terminology and technique for resin infusion.  There is...

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Making Holes

If you are working with fiberglass parts, you may need to attach other parts, pieces, and features mechanically with fasteners.  Bolts and rivets are the most common mechanical fasteners used to accomplish this. Composites with...

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