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Working with Bondo

Commonly referred to by the trade name of “Bondo,” polyester body filler is used by autobody shops to achieve cosmetic repairs on automobiles.  It is relatively inexpensive, easy to work with, and achieves good...

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Alligatoring Causes

One of the challenges of using Gelcoat is the potential for the defect called alligatoring. This is described as a wrinkled surface on the completed part after it is removed from the mold, and results in extensive post-mold...

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RV and Specialty Vehicle Market

One of the industries that makes heavy use of fiberglass parts is in the RV and specialty vehicle market. Mostly centered around Elkhart, Indiana, the manufacturers use Fiberglass in many form and function areas of their...

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Decorative Carbon Fiber

The automotive aftermarket makes use of decorative carbon fiber as an aesthetic means to differentiate a vehicle. Carbon fiber hoods, spoilers, and interior pieces add a cool aspect to many of the “tuner” vehicles...

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Role of Gelcoat

Gelcoat is the decorative surface found on fiberglass parts such as boats, bathtubs, and restaurant seats. This outer layer is needed for aesthetics and protection of the underlying laminate structure. Chemically it is...

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Bagging/Infusion On The Cheap

Vacuum Infusion and Vacuum Bagging can be accomplished are not only reserved for industry and can be accomplished in a workshop setting. Relatively inexpensively as well. One of the major variables is the shape of the part...

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