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Environmentally Friendly Composites

Many experts argue that composites already are very environmentally friendly based upon their long life span and their good strength-to-weight ratio that saves energy.  Many composites structures have long made use of end-grain...

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Necky Composites

A very basic and well-done video is from Necky Composites. It demonstrates the toughness of epoxy laminates when he starts the video by beating the kayak with a hammer.  He also does a good job of discussing the construction...

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Trimming composite parts

I read an article on waterjet cutting of laminates recently, which demonstrated several advantages of using computer-controlled equipment for trimming and adding features to composites structures. Robotic-guided CNC routers have...

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The Importance of Testing

The testing of properties for Composites laminates and structures can be tricky. Much of this is due to the complex base of ingredients and makeup of the laminate. When we are putting together a combination of resins,...

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