Tag: Lamination

Effects of Clear Gelcoat

One of the really cool effects that fiberglass parts can use clear gelcoat.  The basic process starts with a properly prepared mold that is waxed and ready for production.  The part build begins with a layer of clear gelcoat. ...

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Fiberglass Grating

A composite product that I have worked with in the past is fiberglass grating.  Made of composite fiberglass and resin, this material is used as a flooring and walkway material in many applications, and especially for industrial...

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Home Workshop Supplies

Sometimes the most difficult aspects of working on fiberglass projects at home is obtaining the proper supplies. Now that we have the internet, this is greatly simplified, and many online stores exist to sell many different...

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Trimming composite parts

I read an article on waterjet cutting of laminates recently, which demonstrated several advantages of using computer-controlled equipment for trimming and adding features to composites structures. Robotic-guided CNC routers have...

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Plastic Skin

One of the other synergies of FRP composites is its use as a reinforcement behind thermoplastic decorative skin layers. A thermoformed ABS or ABS blend plastic is made as the surface of the part. Then it can be reinforced on the...

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Industrial Corrosion applications

A lot of FRP materials are used in the chemical and industrial sectors of the economy. The non-corrosive and non-conductive properties of the fiberglass materials have many advantages over steel and other materials.Large tanks,...

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