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Moldless Car Body

Building a custom car body with fiberglass can be achieved without using a mold! This will be a truly custom, unique vehicle. It will take planning and hands-on work, but is very possible as shown in these YouTube videos. There...

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Composite Utility Poles

Composite Utility Poles have been under development for a number of years.  Replacing the existing wooden poles with fiberglass composites have many long-term advantages and yet have many obstacles to implementation.  These...

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Resin Additives

We already learned about the basic resin system, and will now discuss the resin additives. Additives are used to modify and enhance resin properties for specific applications. The first additives under discussion will be...

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Chemistry of Cure

Lets look a little bit closer at the chemistry of curing a polyester/vinylester resin. There is lots of chemistry involved, but it is broken down so it is not too complicated. The initiator is the correct technical term for what...

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Role of Gelcoat

Gelcoat is the decorative surface found on fiberglass parts such as boats, bathtubs, and restaurant seats. This outer layer is needed for aesthetics and protection of the underlying laminate structure. Chemically it is...

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