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Penny Covered Table

Youtube user Ssmallfry demonstrates how to make a really cool penny-covered table. First the table was sanded down to allow for adhesion of the backer paint.  This paint was black to provide a good background for the gaps in the...

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Wind Blades

The new composites application that everybody is discussing is composites wind blades. The large, three-bladed wind generators have been around for a few decades, mostly in Europe. The U.S. has been catching on in the last...

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Repairing the Inner Fender

One of my recent projects involved the repair of a 1993 International Medium-Duty truck hood made from SMC. There were several areas needing attention, and one of them was the driver’s side inner fender. This piece had...

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IH Hood Repair– Passenger Corner

One of the repairs on my International Hood was for the passenger corner. This portion of the hood was damaged before I got it, and was COMPLETELY MISSING! Time, effort, epoxy, and fiberglass, allowed me to successfully...

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