Tag: Composite Solution

Vacuum Bagging Video

Vacuum bagging is a process that requires unique materials and processes, but can be simple to operation in an ongoing basis. There are many advantages to vacuum bag molding, a few of which include: Improved resin/glass ratio...

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Moldless Car Body

Building a custom car body with fiberglass can be achieved without using a mold! This will be a truly custom, unique vehicle. It will take planning and hands-on work, but is very possible as shown in these YouTube videos. There...

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Fire Hazards

FRP Composites use several materials that are flammable. Examples include gelcoat, resin, cleaning solvents, initiators, mold treatments, and other chemicals used in the molding and polishing processes. These materials must...

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Alligatoring Causes

One of the challenges of using Gelcoat is the potential for the defect called alligatoring. This is described as a wrinkled surface on the completed part after it is removed from the mold, and results in extensive post-mold...

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Gelcoat Application

Making a traditional fiberglass part is accomplished by working from the outside surface into the part. A clean and waxed mold is placed in a clean room where contamination will not interfere. Then gelcoat is sprayed on as the...

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Chopper Guns

The method of fiberglass sprayup technology requires the use of equipment specialized for this work. Commonly called a “Chopper Gun,” this equipment meters the ratio of catalyst to resin, and chops the glass roving...

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Bagging/Infusion On The Cheap

Vacuum Infusion and Vacuum Bagging can be accomplished are not only reserved for industry and can be accomplished in a workshop setting. Relatively inexpensively as well. One of the major variables is the shape of the part...

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