Tag: Black Carbon

Making a Small Mold

There are many methods and materials that can be used for making a fiberglass composite mold. I found a video from Eastbay Composites that demonstrates a method for making small molds in a very quick and inexpensive fashion.  ...

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The Different Polyester Resins

Polyester Resins can be further defined by their chemistry. These categories are described as Orthophthalic (Ortho), Isophthalic (Iso), Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD). Vinylesters have a unique chemistry and that shares many working...

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Curing and Shrinkage

A very important aspect of thermoset resins is their cure cycle. Unsaturated polyester and vinylester, along with epoxy, require time and temperature in order to achieve what we call “Crosslinking.” This is the the...

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