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Fiberglass Fertilizer Box

Composites’ resistance to rust and harsh chemicals along with the ability to form complex one-piece shapes allows for its use as a fertilizer box on an old corn planter. This piece was removed from the original...

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Working with Chopped Strand Mat

One of my projects is repairing a composite hood for a large International Medium-Duty truck.  This hood is made of SMC, and is damaged in various locations to various degrees.  In doing the repairs, I am using epoxy resin and...

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Technicals on Fiberglass Mat

One of the most confusing parts of the glass reinforcement is the identification of the specific materials. They have various nomenclature depending upon the manufacturer of the matting, and sometimes depending upon the customer...

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Fiberglass Reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement materials are a pretty complicated subject and hopefully we can keep it clear. There has been all sorts of nomenclature developed over the years to describe the different weights and styles. When we talk...

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Reinforcement to resin ratio

Reinforcement and resin are mutually beneficial to each other. The reinforcement is the strength in the system and the resin is the binder that holds the reinforcement together and shapes the product. The ratio is important in...

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