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Automotive Application: Pickup Box

Fiberglass Composites have been used for ages in the automotive industry. There are advantages to doing this, including corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and weight savings. Toyota pickup trucks from the late 1980’s...

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Fiberglass Fertilizer Box

Composites’ resistance to rust and harsh chemicals along with the ability to form complex one-piece shapes allows for its use as a fertilizer box on an old corn planter. This piece was removed from the original...

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Removable Blazer Roof

One of the original composites applications in the automotive industry was removable roofs on Chevrolet/GMC K10 Blazers in the 68-72 years, which continued on the Blazers until about 1991.  The one-piece composite roofs were...

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Fiberglass Truck Toppers

One of the composite applications that has been around for many years is fiberglass truck toppers.  Styles and trends have changed, but there is still a level of usefulness and utility associated with this application.  Besides...

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