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Eight-times scale model M1911 .45 cal semiautomatic pistol.

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This entry into the 2013 Artprize competition is for sale.  It is a free-standing, 360 degree viewable 8X scale model of one of the most popular firearms of all time.  Composed of styrofoam and fiberglass with automotive-grade paint, this piece would be a great conversation starter that demonstrates your love of firearms.


Measuring approximately 36″ wide,  84″ long, and 72″ high when assembled, it easily disassembles for transport.  This is not a production piece, and there is not anything else like it.

Asking price is now $12,750.00, if you are interested in learning more, please contact us.



Several groups work diligently to convince Americans that guns should represent fear and violence.  That is a misleading narrative.

This Artprize entry is an eight X scale likeness of a Model M1911 .45 caliber pistol that represents freedom and security as it has for the many generations of Americans that have benefited from its use.

Invented by Mr. John Browning, the Model M1911 semi-automatic pistol was adopted by the United States Army in the year 1911.  It continues to be used by citizens, law enforcement, and military forces around the world.

The inspiration to create this entry as a tribute to the millions of pistols manufactured in the past 100+ years that were based on Mr. Browning’s original design.  There have been updates and additional features, but the basic construction remains very recognizable.

This entry is composed of a basic Styrofoam shape covered with multiple layers of fiberglass material bonded with epoxy resin.  It was then smoothed with sandable filler before the application of the automotive-grade primer and paint.

This project consumed around 300 hours.  It used multiple gallons of epoxy resin, filler, fiberglass, and foam.  A final coat of paint makes it look good.

The goal was to create an entry for Artprize 2013.  Thank you to the Devos Place Convention Center for hosting the entry during Artprize 2013.

Artprize page for this entry.


Rendering of finished concept.  Credit Rio Benson, Rio Benson Consulting

Rendering of finished concept. Credit Rio Benson, Rio Benson Consulting

Posts with further information:

first cut

The Start of Model M1911

glueing layers

Foam Layers joined by Epoxy

big cuts-2

Foam Model shaping is finished

rounded 5

Fiberglassing the model

glass 2

 Adding Foam Detailsadding foam 2

 Alignment Marks

alignment marks 1

Base Mounting

glass over alum

Wet Trimming Fiberglass

to be trimmed

Completing the Details

both sights copy

Smoothing the Surface


Adding the Color

blue 2

Finishing the Details

adder tape 4