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Boat Stringer Inspection

Inspecting a boat for problems within the fiberglass structure is very important. Rotten wood is common and disbonded and delaminated layers are a big problem. There are several things to consider and look for. The video below...

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Penny Covered Table

Youtube user Ssmallfry demonstrates how to make a really cool penny-covered table. First the table was sanded down to allow for adhesion of the backer paint.  This paint was black to provide a good background for the gaps in the...

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Resin Infusion Dinghy

Resin infusion is a process in which fiberglass parts are built in a process where the resin flows through the reinforcement materials under vacuum. First the mold is filled with dry fiberglass reinforcement materials, sometimes...

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Wet Trimming Fiberglass

When applying fiberglass and resin, typically it is important to lay it all down and incorporate it into the surrounding laminate.  However, there are limitations to this.  The fiberglass does not go around sharpened 90 degree...

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Shaping the Model

Now that the layers of foam are joined by epoxy (and cured), it is time to work on proper shaping. where to buy levitra cheap The model has a lot of square corners that require shaping. The extra foam will need to be removed to...

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