Category: filament winding

Collapsible Mandrel

Composites structures that are manufacturing in the filament-winding process need to be removed from the winding mandrel after they are cured.  Collapsible mandrels allow that to happen.

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Liquid Bulk Transport Tanks

Lincoln Composites has introduced their Titan™ Liquid Bulk Transport tank. This unit is comprised of four composite tanks that meet the specifications of a universal shipping container, allowing for transport via ship, rail, or...

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Weathered Filament Wound Pipe

I recently had the opportunity to examine some weathered composites in the form of fiberglass pipe.  There are some very important observations to be made from visual clues.  One of the difficulties with too much analysis is the...

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Intro to Filament Winding

Filament winding is an open molding process that is automated by using a rotating mandrel as the mold. This mandrel acts as a male mold which allows for the control surface to be on the inside, and the outside diameter size...

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