Author: AKeson

Restore Shine on Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber trim pieces can improve the appearance of your car, truck, motorcycle, and any other vehicle.  When they are new, they look good. But over time, they can become weathered and discolored.  Sometimes they appear chalky and dull.  There are several ways to fix this problem, and one of them is to buff and polish the surface gelcoat. from Youtube Chemical Guys Carbon Fiber is a technologically advanced construction material used in new cars and trucks, as well as race cars around the world. The lightweight material is stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight. Carbon fiber can often fade, discolor, and oxidize when left in the sun. In this video, Greg shows you the proper way to restore carbon fiber back to original condition. Using machine polishing, the surface was easily restored and protected to make sure the red 370Z says looking the...

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How to make Carbon Fiber Parts, very easy!

Ever wish that your Fiberglass hood was carbon fiber instead?  Fiberglass parts can be replicated into carbon fiber/epoxy parts by making a new mold and using carbon fiber and epoxy for the new parts! You can create a new piece that is stronger and lighter than the original. You will need the right materials and maybe a little help, but it is possible.  See the video below: From Youtube PowerModz Easy to follow process of how to make your own carbon fibre parts with out expensive tools or hardware, very easy! I needed a lightweight and strong snowmobile hood – so I made my own, watch for the process....

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Carbonfiber Skinning or Wrapping Tutorial – Ironman & Spiderman Mask

Carbon fiber and epoxy can be used to create a new look for your prop masks.  You can create a whole new surface and give your mask a whole new look. From Youtube Matthieu Libeert In this extended video tutorial I’ll explain you how you can skin any part you found around you with carbonfiber – carbon fiber (fibre). By skinning parts you will add carbonfiber on top of your original part. By doing so you will add weight, but you will also add stiffness to your part. You can compare skinning parts with carbonfiber with flattening parts before paint with bondo. You add layer after layer and sand inbetween to get a high gloss finish at the end. In this tutorial all materials used are from easy...

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Prop Sword making process – tutorial sword art online cosplay

Fiberglass composites are a great material to use in the making of props.  Props made with composites are durable and light weight, allowing for limited amounts of abuse and ease of transport.  Composite swords can easily look like steel, but are easier to transport and less dangerous to handle. From Youtube MAking Props: Here is the process I followed to make my kirito’s Elucidator and Dark repulser from Sword art online I wanted to create a light prop that is strong and sturdy enough to not break in the many conventions I...

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