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How to make coasters with clear epoxy resin

Epoxy Resin is a great material to use for projects that require a “clear” finish.  There are many brands and mixes of material to use, and different techniques allow for different outcomes. These processes require a lot of testing to ensure that you have a great outcome.  Bubbles in the epoxy are a big problem. From Youtube Seth Weidner Drink coasters made from clear casting epoxy resin with logos, bottle caps, and personal vinyl designs embedded in...

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How To Fiberglass Over Plywood

Plywood is a common component in construction of many boats.  It can add structural components such as stringers, engine mounting, and the transom.  Very often it is used to mount other mechanical and electrical components as well. Plywood works very well with fiberglass if the proper steps are taken during installation. From BoatworksToday In this show we cover some of the tips and tricks for fiberglassing over plywood as well as how to deal with tricky shapes and...

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Repairing Holes in Fiberglass Panels

Holes in fiberglass panels can be repaired to remove holes and other features. The video below demonstrates that fiberglass work can be accomplished in a home garage without too many special tools.  Quality supplies are important, and getting the details right will make for an excellent repair. Removing the antenna from a fiberglass bodied Corvette is accomplished for a cleaner, simpler look.  These sorts of projects are relatively straightforward and can be easily accomplished. From youtube user 71corvette This instructional video illustrates the complete process of repairing and filling holes in fiberglass body...

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Boat Stringer Inspection

Inspecting a boat for problems within the fiberglass structure is very important. Rotten wood is common and disbonded and delaminated layers are a big problem. There are several things to consider and look for. The video below demonstrates that sound is an important tool to help identify problems. From Skipper Rudy Fiberglass boats – testing your stringers for rot. Also explaining the differences of; bond, dis-bond,...

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Adam Boats – Bonito 25 – Making a boat using resin infusion. 3 man team.

Resin infusion is a great way to manufacture fiberglass boats.  The large parts of the boat are the hulls and the decks.  There have been many ways to make these in the past, and modern tools and technology allow for improvements in finished properties including strength and weight. There are also several environmental advantages.  Employee exposure to the resin chemicals is minimized, and there is a large reduction in Volatile Organic Compounds that are released into the atmosphere. From Youtube Szkutnikamator Making of a fibreglass motorboat using resin infusion. This video shows how Adam Boats manufacture each of their hulls and decks using resin infusion by hand. We use hand made forms which are first crafted from wood and then transformed into a fibreglass mould. This mould is then used to manufacture multiple identical copies of the original form. This process is both very difficult and time consuming but the results are stunningly effective. Many layers of fabreglass and other special matieral are laminated together and finally infused with resin. Please enjoy the video and if you have any queries please visit....

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