Author: AKeson

Fiberglass Repair on the Jet Boat Project

Repair of fiberglass boats is important for the proper upkeep and maintenance.  Completing the proper steps with the correct materials is important.  Details can make a big difference on having a successful outcome to your project. This video does a great job of demonstrating a successful outcome: From Youtube The Garage Butler We’re doing some fiberglass repair on the jet boat and we’ll show you the steps we took. The seat mounting locations on the boat were weak. The mounting location was built with wood and a thin layer of fiberglass was applied over the wood. The wood and fiberglass together made a strong surface. However, through the years the wood rotted and lost the strength the wood provided. I did not want to start completely over and remove the fiberglass and build the wood frame, so I decided to beef the mounting location up using only fiberglass to for it’s strength. I don’t know if this is the recommended procedure to do this, but it’s what I decided to do. In the video I will demonstrate the steps I took to repair the boat floor. Repairing a damaged auto part will use a similar approach, but the focus will only be on the damaged area…not building additional strength to the part. Therefore, a damaged car part will not require as much of the fiberglass or...

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RC Scratch Building – Fiberglass Fuselage Without a Mold

Model aircraft builders use fiberglass and epoxy materials in the construction of their scale airplanes.  This application has challenges for materials and processes, and the video below demonstrates the building of a fuselage for a model airplane. From Youtube wilmracer This video outlines the process I used to fabricate the fuselage for my 1/4 scale Pitts Challenger III. The process involves making a simplified plug and laying the final, airworthy fuselage directly on that plug. This saves considerable time over building a detailed plug and pulling a complex mold from it. There are advantages to that method, but for models that you only want to build 1 or 2 of this alternate method can save you a lot of...

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Applying a Fiberglass Epoxy Seal (Ep 10 – Cedar Strip Canoe Build)

Fiberglass and epoxy are great materials for use on boat building projects.  They can be used to make a waterproof seal. The wooden boat builders have found good use for these materials, and there has been a lot of development especially for that application. From Youtube A Guy Doing Stuff In this video I explain how I apply a fiberglass epoxy seal to the outside of my cedar strip canoe. This is one of the most exciting parts of the building process but it’s also the most stressful and scary. There are so many variables that can affect how the epoxy cures (mixing ratios, temperature, timing, application technique, dust, unknown factors, etc.) – you should make sure you are very comfortable with the process before you start. Do a lot of research and it’s a really good idea to practice on some scrap beforehand – especially to get a feel for applying coats on top of previous coats. Materials & Supplies: 6 oz, 60” wide fiberglass cloth Ark Composites Resin and Slow Hardener – This is a 2:1 ratio. I ended up using almost a full gallon of the resin and a half gallon of the hardener. I probably won’t use as much for the inside of the hull because I don’t need that to be perfect. Premarked cups with the ratios for mixing the epoxy. They also sell...

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Four Layer Epoxy Pool Coating Application

Swimming Pools are a harsh environment for composites materials.  They have some advantages compared to other materials, but are still affected by the sun, chemicals and temperature.  Composites materials become damaged over time, and repair may be required. Composites materials can also be used as a coating repair on top of other materials such as concrete.  The epoxy seals cracks and smooths the surface for a cleaner look. It is very important to use the correct tools and materials and follow the proper order of operations.  Once all of this work is complete, you will have a very nice swimming pool! From Youtube Pool Solutions:...

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