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Fiberglass Boat Repair Hardware Bedding

From Greatestskills on Youtube: Swim platform Repair and modification We are installing epoxy plugs in the swim platform to prevent water from entering the core and to strengthen the area to accept the mounting bolts.this process is also called hardware potting.    ...

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BMW i8 – Carbon Fiber Explained

From Youtube: The BMW i8, first introduced as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics, is a plug-in hybrid under development by BMW. The initial turbodiesel concept car was unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the BMW i8 gasoline-powered concept car destined for production was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.The 2015 BMW i8 has a 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack estimated to deliver an all-electric range of 35 km (22 mi).[6] The production version has an average fuel efficiency of less than 2.5 L/100 km (113.0 mpg-imp; 94.1 mpg-US) under the New European Driving Cycle with carbon emissions of less than 59 g/km.[5][6] In 2010, BMW announced the mass production of the Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics in Leipzig beginning in 2013 as the BMW i8.[10] The i8 is part of BMW’s “Project i” and will be marketed as a new brand, BMW i, sold separately from BMW or Mini. The BMW i3 will be the first model available by late 2013, followed by the i8 in 2014 as a 2015 model year. Other i models will follow. The production version of the BMW i8 was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and the market launch is expected by mid 2014....

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Grand Prix Insights – Monocoque (including spectacular crash test)

From Inside Auto TV: Formula One – The monocoque is the safety cell of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One car of Nico Rosberg. It was the aircraft industry which used carbon fibre monocoques first, only to be adapted by Formula One. It is light, but very strong. In case of an impact only the nose is supposed to crumble. In this feature Nico Rosberg explains how the monocoque saves his life, in combination with spectacular crash test images from the Allianz Center of Technology in...

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Concrete Wall Stabilization

Concrete Walls can crack and weaken over time.  If they are structural supporting walls, this can be a problem. The walls can be repaired using composites.  Carbon fiber reinforcement and epoxy resin will provide a strong and durable repair. Surface preparation is important.  The epoxy needs to bond to the concrete in order for the repair to be effective.  Cleaning and abrasion of the concrete is...

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