Author: AKeson

Repairing Spider Cracks in Gel Coat

Gel Coat that has cracks is bad for a number of reasons.  It has very poor cosmetic appearance, show evidence of damage, and does not protect the underlying structure as intended. The good news is that these cracks can be repaired. The bad news is that the repair process is a bit involved, and requires the application of a new surface coating: new gelcoat, paint, or something similar like Awlgrip.   Youtube Yachtorial demonstrates some basic strategy and materials to do such a...

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How to Make a Prepreg Carbon Fibre Mould (Using XPREG® Tooling Prepreg)

Carbon Fiber reinforcement with Epoxy Resin is a material that is very useful in several applications.  Making a mold in one of them. One method that can be used to accomplish this operation is to use materials known as Prepregs. The main benefit to prepreg is that liquid resin is not present to make a mess. Most prepregs need to be oven baked for cure.  This generally allows the epoxy to resist curing until it is exposed to high heat.  These materials generally have more working time. From Youtube  Easy Composites...

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Making Fiberglass Parts in a 3D Printed Mold

Fiberglass parts are often made with the use of a mold.  This mold can be reused to create additional fiberglass parts. Very often these molds are created with fiberglass.  The parts are also created with fiberglass. Release agents are used to ensure that the part will separate after it is cured. Sometimes single molds are created from several separate parts. This video below demonstrates the use of a fiberglass mold (that was 3d-printed) and the making of a hand laid fiberglass part from that mold. It is very informative and well done! from Youtube Michael...

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7 factors that cause epoxy floors to fail

Epoxy floors provide many benefits to home, commercial, and industrial users.  They can improve the look, feel, and cleanliness of an area when they are installed properly. Epoxy floors can also fail.  There are several reasons for this failure in the video below. The good news is that you can learn from the mistakes of others and do it correctly for ourselves. From Youtube LearnCoatings – Epoxy Flooring Training  In this video we explore all types of problems that we can get with epoxy floors!...

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Repairing Hundreds Of Fiberglass Cracks To Get Ready For Spraying Awlgrip Paint!

Repairing cracks in fiberglass gelcoat can be a challenge.  Sometimes there are so many of them that it is easier to go extreme and sand, grind, and recoat the entire surface.  Then it will be as good as new. From Youtube BoatworksToday The spraying part of this video will be out next week. It’s already recorded, I just need to edit it (along with a dozen others on this Cheoy Lee project). Hope you enjoy!!...

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