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How to laminate wood with epoxy for wooden boat building (Part 1 of 2)

Epoxy is a great adhesive for wood materials- especially in a marine environment.  One example is for use when building and repairing wooden boats. From Youtube Tips from a Shipwright In this video Lou shows how he laminates the frames on his Norwegian built 8 Metre (1948). The wooden frames are made of parallel pieces sandwiched between two progressive bevel sawn laminates and then glued together with epoxy. In Part 2 the frames will be installed while the glue is still wet In Part 2, Master Shipwright Louis Sauzedde demonstrates his method for installing laminated frames during the restoration of his own 1948 Johan Anker 8-meter. In Part 1, Sauzedde cut the laminates and applied the glue, now watch as he installs the frame in place with the glue still wet, and uses screws to clamp the laminates...

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Resin coating Styro-Foam Props

Props can benefit from fiberglass and epoxy resin application. Styrofoam can be a great base structure, and resin can provide a hard surface to add durability. These props can provide for a wide variety of uses, including for costuming and decoration. From Brick In The Yard Mold...

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Fiberglass Pool Refinishing

Swimming pools made of fiberglass have several advantages over other types of materials.  Cost, durability, and ease of cleaning are some of these advantages. Swimming pools are a very harsh environment for any material.  The water, sunlight, and chemicals all work to shorten the life of the pool.  The pools can be repaired…   From Youtube kad499 Refinishing a 25 yr. old Fiberglass swimming pool. Repairs to a large crack, refiberglassing all pool surfaces. Applying new white Gelcotes to all...

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3D Printing Carbon Fiber Car Parts

From Youtube Original Auto Carbon Fiber and nylon are used to create a fuel pump bracket with a 3D Printer. Part shown is a fuel pump bracket with the following characteristics: -Tensile Strength: 700 MPa for Carbon Fiber. (stronger than CNC Aluminum) -Light-weight: 50% material density to reduce weight and costs. -3d printed in carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass and nylon. Stay tuned for more innovative “Original” car parts. Visit our website for further information.  ...

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