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Repairing Damaged Reclaimed Wood – The Dutchman

Utilizing epoxy resin in woodworking projects is a great application of modern materials into a classic furniture.  For instance, epoxy resin is a material that can be used to repair reclaimed wood. Epoxy resin is a great adhesive, and it can replace wood glue. From Youtube The Homestead Craftsman  Here’s another video in my series on making farm tables. I show you how I do a simple repair to the edges of my reclaimed lumber when making table tops. I use an age old tradition called a dutchman, which is basically cutting out the damaged area and replacing it with a piece of wood. I demonstrate doing so in a oak flooring board from a barn, where the board was notched out around a post. I cut out a dovetail shape and replace it with a piece of lumber cut to fit....

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How to Restore the Shine to Fiberglass Boat Gelcoat— BoatUS Magazine

Fiberglass boats require regular maintenance to keep them looking good.  The gelcoat surface can become dull and weathered due to age, sun, air, and water. The good news is that this can be repaired.  The shine can be brought back to new condition. From Youtube BoatUS BoatUS contributing editor Lenny Rudow gives a webinar on how to maintain and polish fiberglass gelcoat into a showroom shine. He discusses how to keep boat hulls looking in top condition. After years of boat ownership and testing every boat polish, compound, and wax, he shares his favorite products and describes how best to apply them. BoatUS Magazine is the flagship publication of the Boat Owners Association of the United States. The award-winning magazine is delivered bimonthly to more than half a million BoatUS members and focuses on up-to-date issues, maintenance projects and skills that every boater should know....

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Carbon Fiber Fabrication | Making A Engine Accessory Bracket

Carbon Fiber / Epoxy materials have many uses and advantages.  With a high strength to weight ratio and appealing aesthetics, it can offer a unique and custom touch to custom vehicles. Using a CNC-controlled router to cut a part that will create custom shapes and sizes will allow for great fit and finish on your project! From The Fab Forums This episode of The Fab Forums I make a Carbon Fiber engine accessory bracket. I hope you guys dig...

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Surfboard Fiberglass Tail Repair

Repairing fiberglass surfboards is a process that can be completed at home in a garage.  Fiberglass material and epoxy resin can be used along with a vacuum pump to vacuum bag a durable repair. From Matthieu Libeert  In this video I show you how I’ve done a repair on a board of a friend of mine. The Tail of the surfboard had some impact and the foam was visible through the fiberglass. To prevent moist from the seawater attacking the foam a new layer of fiberglass was applied to seal it all again. Here are the materials used and where you can buy them (if possible) 1. Degreaser (local DIY store, automotive or paint section) 2. Play d’oh (toystore) 3. Electric tape (DIY store) 4. Woven Glass 2/2 Twill 200g 1m Wide 5. PP180 Economy Peel Ply 1.52m – 5lm Folded Pack 6. R250-P3 Perforated Release Film 1.3m – 5lm Folded Pack 7. BR180 Breather Layer Cloth 1.52m – 5lm Folded Pack 8. Vacuum Bagging Gum Sealant Tape 15m – Individual Rolls 9. VB200 Vacuum Bagging Film 1.52m LFT – 5lm Pack 10. Resin Infusion Silicone Connector 11. 6mm ID Budget PVC Vacuum Hose 5m 12. Composites Vacuum Pump 13. EL2 Epoxy Laminating Resin 500g...

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An inexpensive alternative for drilling carbon fiber and fiberglass

Performing drilling and milling operations in composite fiberglass and carbon fiber parts can be challenging. There can be problems with holes that have remaining fibers, surface flaking, and burrs, among other things.  The equipment and tooling that are used play a big part in the success and failure of the project.  Operator methodology also plays and important role.   From Greene Tool Systems Inc. Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass continue to grow in popularity not only in aircraft but also in Automotive. Firms have had success drilling with these materials, but the tools are very expensive. In this video, we chronicle Greene Tool System’s product development of a new cutting tool that will effectively drill carbon fiber and fiberglass for a fraction of the cost....

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