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My name is Andy Keson, I am the main author of the site.

I have been in the composites industry since 1999.  My experience has given me a great appreciation and knowledge of the materials and processes that make composites so useful in today’s world.

Formal education includes a B.S. in Plastics Engineering at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI.  At Ferris we studied thermoplastic and thermoset materials and the various plastics processes along with a strong understanding of quality, operations, and management practices.  I have earned a Certified Composites Technician certificate from the American Composites Manufacturer’s Association during my time in the industry.

Informal education includes experience with several manufacturing companies involved with composites fabrication in the marine, recreation, corrosion, and consumer industries.  Positions have included management, engineering, design, and development.  All of my experience has been with companies where I have had the benefit of being very hands-on and deeply involved with many projects.

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