Repair of fiberglass boats is important for the proper upkeep and maintenance.  Completing the proper steps with the correct materials is important.  Details can make a big difference on having a successful outcome to your project.

This video does a great job of demonstrating a successful outcome:

From Youtube The Garage Butler

We’re doing some fiberglass repair on the jet boat and we’ll show you the steps we took. The seat mounting locations on the boat were weak. The mounting location was built with wood and a thin layer of fiberglass was applied over the wood. The wood and fiberglass together made a strong surface. However, through the years the wood rotted and lost the strength the wood provided. I did not want to start completely over and remove the fiberglass and build the wood frame, so I decided to beef the mounting location up using only fiberglass to for it’s strength. I don’t know if this is the recommended procedure to do this, but it’s what I decided to do.

In the video I will demonstrate the steps I took to repair the boat floor.

Repairing a damaged auto part will use a similar approach, but the focus will only be on the damaged area…not building additional strength to the part. Therefore, a damaged car part will not require as much of the fiberglass or resin.