Custom composite parts made from carbon fiber and epoxy can be made at your own workshop should you have the proper equipment, knowledge, and materials.

Doing epoxy resin infusion with carbon fiber reinforcement is pretty advanced, but is possible.

Here is an example that includes the process of building a custom mold:

From Youtube Matthieu Libeert

In this video I show you how to make a laptop case in carbon fiber from start till finish! This is a pretty advanced tutorial that should show you some insights on how I’ve made it. The laptop used in this tutorial is a Lenovo thinkpad X1 Carbonfor more specs on the laptop if needed.

I’ve decided to share the progress on how I’ve build it on here. I know it very hard to make something like this at home without the right equipement but I hope this will inspire you in some way. At least it will show you how carbonfiber parts are made in the F1/bike/race/space industry

It all starts with drawing everything in fusion 360 to do a virtual fit in 3D. After that I’ve used my X-carve from inventables to cut out the exact shape. Have a look at to find more about the X-carve

Once carved I’ve decide to route all the sides of the pre-mould to get a nice rounded edge on de MDF. MDF is a type of ‘wood’ that will suck up a lot of moist/water/resin. That’s why I’ve Decided to coat it with an epoxy resin, tinted with red pigment. polished it all and proceeded with the mouldmaking.

Everything starts with the release-agent. after that I use the entire uni-mould mouldmaking kit from Easycomposites for all the products used in this video.
First layer is the gelcoat, after that the coupling coat with a 100g/m chopped strand fiberglass. On top of that there is the polyester tooling resin with 4 layers of fiberglass chopped 400g/m

Let both halves cure, bolt them together and trim off the excess edges. time to demould and remove the piece, wetsand to a high gloss and get the mould ready to make the parts.

Used a technique called VARTM or resin infusion to create high end carbon fiber parts. Lay-up is 3 layers: 200 twill weave, 650 twill weave, 200 twill weave. peelply on top and infusion mesh to finish. time for bagging and tacky tape with all the connectors in place.
Used the infusion resin IN2 from Easycomposites and infusion was done.

Wetsand and trim the parts, glued them up and your done!!!