Repairing fiberglass surfboards is a process that can be completed at home in a garage.  Fiberglass material and epoxy resin can be used along with a vacuum pump to vacuum bag a durable repair.

From Matthieu Libeert

 In this video I show you how I’ve done a repair on a board of a friend of mine. The Tail of the surfboard had some impact and the foam was visible through the fiberglass. To prevent moist from the seawater attacking the foam a new layer of fiberglass was applied to seal it all again.

Here are the materials used and where you can buy them (if possible)

1. Degreaser (local DIY store, automotive or paint section)

2. Play d’oh (toystore)

3. Electric tape (DIY store)

4. Woven Glass 2/2 Twill 200g 1m Wide

5. PP180 Economy Peel Ply 1.52m – 5lm Folded Pack

6. R250-P3 Perforated Release Film 1.3m – 5lm Folded Pack

7. BR180 Breather Layer Cloth 1.52m – 5lm Folded Pack

8. Vacuum Bagging Gum Sealant Tape 15m – Individual Rolls

9. VB200 Vacuum Bagging Film 1.52m LFT – 5lm Pack

10. Resin Infusion Silicone Connector

11. 6mm ID Budget PVC Vacuum Hose 5m

12. Composites Vacuum Pump

13. EL2 Epoxy Laminating Resin 500g FAST