Acetone is the most commonly used chemical to clean and remove uncured polyester and epoxy resin from tools, work areas, and skin. After the resin cure, acetone is not helpful, but when uncured resin needs to be cleaned off your tools, reach for the acetone.


Acetone is fairly aggressive and will ruin the surface of most transparent plastics. It doesn”t affect polyethylene or polypropylene very much, but clear acrylics will turn cloudy when treated with acetone. Uncured resin on eyeglasses made with real glass will wipe off, while eyeglasses made with plastic lenses will be ruined. Use denatured alcohol instead.


Acetone is a petroleum product similar to gasoline. It will evaporate very quickly, so keep it covered. It also has a distinct odor and is extremely flammable. It is best to keep it in a covered plastic or metal container away from heat and flame.