A strong steel base is required for Model M1911.

This base will need to be bolted to the bottom of the styrofoam/fiberglass main body.  Fiberglass epoxy is not able to hold good threads, so an aluminum plate will be installed.  This plate will provide the structure into which threaded holes can be installed.

base markFirst the base is sized up and marked for size.  The ABS pipe needs to remain open, so the aluminum plate will go around the pipe.  It will also need to fit on the base without protruding past the edge.

base dry glassThe 1708 fiberglass reinforcements are cut and fitted prior to being coated with resin.  These will go between the foam core and the aluminum plate.

base alum plate

The aluminum plate is test fitted.  The plate is 1/4″ thick and all surfaces are ground with 40-grit sandpaper to allow for maximum adhesion.

glass over alum

The figerglass pieces and aluminum are wetout with epoxy resin, stacked in the correct order, and finished off nicely with 1.5 oz fiberglass to smooth it out.  Now the aluminum plate is embedded into the structure permanently.  It will allow for threaded fasteners (bolts) to be inserted securely to mount the base.


First we mark the location where the bolts need to go.  Then we drill them out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen we tap the holes out to 5/16 Coarse thread.  Now we will have a way to bolt the base to the fiberglass model.