Once the surface is smooth, it is time to add some color to Model M1911.

Dupont products were used on this project.


The first coat is the sealer.  This provides a consistent color and smooth surface for the basecoat layer.  It also helps to smooth out the sanding scratches from the primer layer.

brown detail

The first color is brown on the grips.  The areas that will be brown are sprayed and extended past the edges.

silver 1

Then the silver details area sprayed in.  The silver color is very close to the same color as the sealer.  It is a tricky to make sure it is covered consistently.

masking 1

masking 2

Once the detail basecoats are fully cured, they are covered with masking tape and paper so that the desired areas are shown on the final paintjob.


blue 2

The blue basecoat is applied, and the masking tape is removed just as it cures.  Promptly removing the tape leaves a nice sharp edge that is well defined.


The final step is to apply the clearcoat.  This adds the UV protection from the sun, and helps to add thickness to the paint.  Should scratches occur, hopefully it only affects the clearcoat and doesn’t show on the basecoat or primer.


Clearcoat is normally shiny, but this project required a matte finish.  This was accomplished by using a matte additive in the clearcoat.  It takes a bit longer to dry, but provides an excellent look to the project.