Continuing the work on Model M1911, it is time to get the final details fiberglassed into place.

There are some minor things that need to be detailed prior to surfacing the fiberglass with filler.

details trigger ej

Details around the trigger guard and the ejection port of were straightened and filled with the thickened epoxy filler.  The epoxy filler was used to provide a durable surface that will be bonded very strongly to the surrounding fiberglass.  In the event of an impact or pressure, these areas should hold together well.

details slide lock

Details around the slide lock are also important.  I had permanently adhered the slide stop lever onto the surface, and decided that it would be too difficult to paint and finish.  There were too many small areas that needed to be sanded and painted.  These small areas were difficult to access with the slide stop attached.  It would be much easier to make this piece separately and attach it after paint.  There was also a link piece between the safety stop and the slide lock that would be added later.  This link piece is located above the grip and needed more room.  A pneumatic grinder helped me to make these adjustments.

details lock gone

Grinding epoxy and styrofoam can get a bit messy, that is why I worked outside on this.  You can see that the cuts are made, now I can smooth out the surfaces with some glass and epoxy.

both sights copy

Last but not least, I added the aiming sights.  The front and rear sights were sized and carved from styrofoam.  They were then added to the piece in the proper orientation.