Building a model from epoxy and Styrofoam allows for the addition of more styrofoam as needed for further detail.  As the outside layer or “shell” has been getting laminated, it has become necessary to add more foam details.

The additional foam pieces can be cut and shaped prior to attachment to the rest of the model.

adding foam

These details can be adhered to the sanded epoxy/fiberglass surface by first wetting out the surface with epoxy resin, then making a thick paste with adhesive filler.  The light weight of the styrene and the strong bond of the filler allow the pieces to be added on the vertical orientation if necessary.

The epoxy paste was allowed to cure prior to the next step.

adding foam 2

A gap existed along the edges of the added foam details and the rest of the epoxy fiberglass surface.  This was filled with the thickened epoxy paste filler to provide structure behind the epoxy fiberglass surface.  Prior to applying the paste, the area was coated with unfilled epoxy resin.

Before the thickened epoxy starts to cure, a layer of fiberglass epoxy is used to cover the gap.

adding foam 3

The surface and filler behind it will cure at the same time and have an extremely strong chemical bond.