My ambition was to build a Model M1911 in an 8X scale out of fiberglass.  The first task was to scale the model for proper dimensions.  Typical physical dimensions were found online, reproduced in CAD, and scaled up to the size required.

CAD scale

The next step was to begin to build the basic shape.  I chose to use polystyrene (styrofoam) sheets as a substrate.  Carefully transferring the measurements from the CAD to real-life, an outline of the proper shape was created.


With the shape drawn out, the next step was to cut it out.  To cut several sheets at once, cabob sticks were used to hold it all together.  These kept the foam from shifting while it was being cut.  They can be easily pushed in by hand.

cut prep

This method worked very well, and the proper shape started to take form.  An electric-powered Sawzall with a 12″ long blade that was intended for cutting wood worked very good for cutting the foam.

first cut

As the picture shows, there were several layers of foam, including one that was pink.  The cabob sticks are easily removed by pulling by hand.

The next step of this project can be found here.