Carbon Fiber can be used to wrap the outside or the inside of pipelines as a way to reinforce and strengthen them.  Carbon Fiber is lightweight yet extremely strong.  It can be field-installed on pipelines that are clean and non-pressurized.

Repairs to pipelines can be extremely expensive if they need to be dug out of the ground, cut out, and replaced with new sections.  This is time-consuming work requiring long shutdowns.  Composites repairs can be accomplished by professionals that can access the work area and have a line that is non-pressurized and clean.

These carbon fiber reinforcements help to restore structural integrity that has been lost through age, damage, or other new design requirements.  There are many advantages to repairing existing pipelines and other structures rather than replacement.

Interior repair from ABC 10 News in California demonstrates an interior pipeline repair:


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An external pipeline repair is shown here in an instructional video.  I do have a few concerns about the use of all of the unreinforced resin that is used to cover the carbon fiber wrap.  I am not sure what the purpose there is, other than maybe to protect the carbon fiber from future damage.