Roush Racing takes us viewers on a tour through their composites shop in a short clip from Roush TV.

Using mostly carbon fiber and kevlar reinforcements, Roush Racing fabricates many different components for the racing industry using

epoxy resin systems.  Ranging from the front noses for the NASCAR Car of Tomorrow car to drag racecar bodies and small ductwork, Roush Racing”s composites shop does all sorts of fabrication.

The race shop includes two different fabrication processes.  Wet layup vacuum bagging is used for some parts, while others are made using prepreg material that goes into an autoclave.

The video tour is well done, and includes everything

from the Eastman material cutter to the fabrication process, bagging process, and trim.  We also get to see some of the finished parts after they are demolded and trimmed.

These parts are very expensive to manufacture, due to the high cost of materials and labor.  Tooling and equipment costs for this type of process are somewhat reasonable, with the exception of the autoclave and the automated cutting table.  Composites fabrication of this caliber is labor intensive, but can produce very unique parts that are lightweight and strong.