FRP (Fiber Reinforced Composites) have been successfully used in the construction and repair of transportation bridges in the U.S. for several years. These projects have proven that the materials and work methods are can be successfully used.

FRP rebar can replace steel rebar and provide equal physical strength while eliminating the corrosion problems of having steel embedded in concrete.

Prefabricated bridge decks made of FRP in a factory can be quickly and easily installed in the field to save time and money during the bridge construction project. The large panels are shipped in and laid down, ready to use very quickly. Concrete cure and inspection times are reduced.

Concrete crack repairs can be made to bridges and concrete structures by wrapping them with composite materials to seal these cracks and hold the concrete together, protecting it from further damage.

This technology has been in development for many years, and proper materials, construction techniques, and design guidelines have been established to allow for many successful projects to be completed.

Economics play a considerable role, and this cost comparison constantly changes with the prices of materials on both sides. Composites have the advantage of typically requiring fewer road closures and construction time in the field.