Building outdoor structures around water require special considerations.  Wood rots, steel rusts, and dirt erodes.  Fiberglass composites have been making strides in uses for marine-related activities.  Round fiberglass pilings can replace wood pilings, and sheet pilings made of steel can be replaced with fiberglass retention walls.

The fiberglass composites have several advantages.  They have a much longer service life because they do not rot or corrode.  Compared to wood structures, they are more uniform in size.  They are typically lower in weight to allow for lower lifting, handling, and transportation load requirements.

All of these advantages are used by a company called Green Heron Docks that builds docks in a “green” manner.  Their docks are build from the previous dock sections, allowing for minimal interruption of the surrounding environment.  Their installed docks will have a long life that will not require replacement related disturbance for time to come.

As you can see, their equipment is relatively lightweight and inexpensive compared to bringing in cranes and barges.  Their environmental impact is minimal, and the resulting product has a very long service life that will endure for years to come.